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The Business of Society

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Welcome to BOS; a research-based podcast by CBS Sustainability!

BOS stands for "The Business of Society", which is somewhat of a guiding principle for the work that we do. Based at Copenhagen Business School (CBS), we study of sustainable practices and developments in organizations, markets and society. As the name indicates, we are interested in how business and society interrelate, especially when considering businesses’ responsibilities towards society.

In this podcast, we will share, discuss, and reflect on CSR and sustainability-related issues through conversations with researchers and practitioners. Featuring our colleagues, we aim to inspire people to reflect and take part in the discussion on how to transition towards more sustainable practices, for organizations and government, and for you and me.

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This podcast is funded by the CBS Sustainability Centre at Copenhagen Business School.

Producer & Host: Sarah Netter

Music: "Ladybird's theme" by Crowander